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August 8, 2008

As an athletic female, I expect my body to perform at the gym, the dojo and the track. As a Registered Massage Therapist, my patients expect my body to perform an effective treatment and furthermore their bodies to perform once they leave the clinic. Lehcare's "powerful pain relief...naturally" has aided me in meeting all these expectations. I encountered the healing properties of Lehcare first-hand when I was rehabbing a severely sprained ankle. By applying this prodcut, I experienced minimal bruising as well as pain relief. In addition, I returned to kickboxing a mere 10 days after my initial injury. I have since continued to use Lehcare as part of my personal healthcare regime and incorporated it into the range of products I use at my practice

Melissa Creelman, RMT
White Rock, BC


July 10, 2008

I have been using Lehcare for just over a month and have been very pleased with the relief it has offered me. I have chronic pain from injuries suffered to my neck and back in 1989. I have used other topical pain relief creams/ointments before, which have temporarily given me relief. The difference is with Lehcare that after using the product for a couple of weeks, I noticed my pain had been markedly reduced and I didn't have to use it as often. Also, my use of anti-inflammatory medication has been reduced to sometimes only once a day. I love the warming sensation of the product and that people don't ask me if I'm in pain due to the tell-tale aroma that is often present with other topical products. I definitely recommend Lehcare.

Jackie Baron
Surrey, BC


June 16, 2008

After being in a serious car accident and dealing with an intense amount of back pain, I started using Lehcare every evening before I went to sleep to reduce the pain and soreness. After I started to use it, I began to feel relief from my muscle soreness and was able to go through a whole day of work without side effects. I would recommend this cream to anyone that has muscle soreness or back pain as it is very soothing and relaxing. I now use it when needed an no longer apply it everyday.

Tamara Kusumoto
Delta, BC


May 27, 2008

While hiking on uneven ground, I stepped on loose gravel and inadvertently twisted my right knee.  The following day, the soreness was such that it was very uncomfortable to walk for any distance; it felt as if the supporting tendons/ligaments were inflamed. After applying Lehcare Extra Strength for two days, the pain was completely gone, which to me, was totally amazing considering how painful the injury was.  I highly recommend this product for pain relief.

Marlene Summers
Kamloops, BC


March 12, 2008

My name is Mary and I have been suffering from carpel tunnel in my left wrist for the past six months.  The pain had intensified to a point where I could hardly type anymore.  I had gone for cortisone injections but all that did was provide me with temporary relief.  I was now losing hope and believed my only options was to have surgery.

My cousin had suggested trying a product he had bought which worked well for his aches and pains.  I was skeptical at first but decided to try anyway. 

Amazingly, this stuff is truly working!  The wonderful thing about this product is you can actually feel the cream penetrating, an awesome feeling especially when you have agonizing pain.  When applied to the area of pain, it continues to deliver relief well into the following day!  The product has truly been a Godsend! Unlike no other!

Thank you Lehcare!

Mayra Vandermark
Fresno, California


December 29, 2007

I have had Fibromyalgia for over twenty years and have used everything over the counter to help ease the pain; at least as much as I could. I have also had many treatments from doctors and physiotherapy over the years.

But finally after trying Lehcare (another try I thought) I can honestly say that i am extremely pleased and very thankful. This has been a god send as I finally have found a cream that actually penetrates right deep into the joints and pain points and lasts and works longer than any other remedy I have tried over the last twenty years.

I have also used it for my osteoarthritis in my knee as well as my shoulder that had surgery. Before I go to physio I am now able to move my knee and shoulder easier while doing my workout.

So I can honestly say I love it and it is really one that works.

Edna Olsen
Kamloops, BC


October 2, 2007

I was involved in a car accident that injured my right foot. I have had three operations since that time to realign the bones. The pain was excruciating afterward, especially when it rained. I was devastated as my job entailed being active as I am a personal trainer. After many applications of Lehcare topical cream, my pai has completely subsided! I strongly recommend this product to anyone with injuries of this nature. This cream let me start living my life again and I am forever grateful.

Jennifer Jollymour
Surrey, BC


September 17, 2007

Over the past year I have been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis to treat my neck pain which resulted from a car accident. The pain never went away completely, and I endured headaches and vertigo.

A few weeks ago I started using Lehcare’s topical cream and was amazed on how fast my pain went away!!!

Not only is this an effective medicine, it also gives off a very warm feeling that does not burn.

Ingrid Franco
Burnaby, BC


June 16, 2007

In 2006 I had a nerve transposition (moving the nerve in the elbow to the inner arm) performed on my right arm as I was looking feeling in my right hand-dropping cups/glasses, and fingers going numb. After three months from the surgery, I was still unable to use the computer or do any crafts such as knitting and crocheting as my arm and hand ached so badly.

After about a week of using Lehcare, the tingling stopped in my fingers. I kept applying the cream faithfully four times a day almost for a month. Since this time, I have not had any pain and use the computer daily now with no problem as well as do my crafts.

I highly suggest this cream to anyone who is in a lot of pain.


Marie Lozinski
Regina, SK


April 14, 2007

I am a body builder and had injured my right bicep tricep area due to a vigorous exercise regime. The pain was pretty intense, more at night which made sleep difficult. This lasted for several weeks and didn’t seem to get any better even with refraining from weight lifting.

Being somewhat doubtful of any type of cream that could help my pain I thought to give this product a try, after all, it had been recommended by a good friend of mine. The pain started to diminish after the first day of use; I would say by about 20%. I was adamant about re-applying three times a day and the pain continued to disappear, pretty amazing stuff.

Anyway I am now virtually pain free; would definitely give this product a thumbs up.

Jim Buhler
Scottsdale, Arizona


December 6, 2006

For a very lengthy time my friend Jim has tried consistently to convince me to try this cream, of which I have always refused believing that if my doctor doesn’t prescribe it… “It can’t be any good”. Low and behold the pain from my arthritis in my wrist was so bad one day I rubbed it on and I’m here to tell you the pain went away after 4 or 5 good rubs and has not returned for a lengthy period of time. I am also using it on my hips with similar results. You have no idea what a change in my life has taken place when I can move around with little discomfort.

Ole Birkeland
Kamloops, BC


January 23, 2006

I have had painful muscle spasms in both my lower legs for the past five years, mainly my right calf muscle. The pain is very excruciating as the calf muscle contracts the only thing I can do is lay down and hold my leg waiting for the pain to stop.

My doctor had told me it is due to lack of circulation. I am a runner so I really don’t understand how it could be a lack of circulation. I have tried so many things, keeping myself hydrated, eating right and lots of stretching. To no avail the pain always comes back right when I’m in the middle of my run.

Every night before I go for my morning jog I now apply Lehcare’s analgesic. The sensation is warm at first then slowly subsides. I have really noticed a difference on how it has helped me and I no longer experience the painful leg cramps, thank you Lehcare!

Sue McCormick
West Bloomfield, Michigan


January 21, 2006

I recently broke my foot and was in a lot of pain after the cast was removed. I decided to use your product Lehcare and am writing to tell you how much it has actually helped me.

The pain in my foot subsided very quickly after using the product within the first few days.

I really love the warm feeling and how it gets to the pain quickly. I have also been using the cream on my sore muscles, it works great!!! Thank you so much.

Jennifer Clarke
Las Vegas, Nevada

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